Online Brand Shop

Create brand insistence! An online brand shop (online shop in shop) is a subset that can consist of one or multiple subsites and can be used as a landing page e.g. for promotional on- or offsite campaigns.

It can help

  • increasing familiarity with the GORE® WEAR brand and products
  • Showing more holistically the products and seasonal highlight topics
  • Communicating the Outfit System Strategy
  • Include educational topics (e.g. around technologies such as seat inserts or ingredients)


Adapt your search logic so that consumers can easily find GORE® WEAR products, even if they misspell the brand names o rare looking for generic items such as cycling clothing, MTB apparel, etc.

Brand Logo

Since this site is all about the GORE® WEAR brand and products, the logo should be displayed at a prominent area of the site. We recommend to use a space on the upper left hand side of the site since this goes with the natural flow of the user´s eye.
Download logos

Hero Teaser

"A picture is worth a thousand words."
  • use the top area of this site to create fascination for the brand
  • communicate the seasonal highlight product topics with the according images
  • if possible, rotate or display the top 2-3 highlight topics per season
  • add a call-to-action to the products that are shown in the action shots
Download collection images and awards


This navigation will ultimately get users to the category pages where they see all GORE® WEAR products according to the categorization. This area of the site is specifically important, since this leads to the shopping area → to where the actual revenue is being generated.

Therefore we recommend you to thoroughly think about the best way to structe the navigation in a meaningful way which contributes to the best conversion. Use this area to help the user getting a better understanding about the type of GORE® WEAR products you have on stock. Having a meaningful subnavigation will help the user drilling down and making the choice.

The way you structure the navigation depends on your overall site architecture and the products you have bought. Your could e.g. cluster by
  • Men´s/Womens´s
  • Road Bike/MTB
  • Gear Types
  • etc.

Product Strategy

We recommend to use big emotional pictures as navigational elements which lead to the catalogue. You could choose the picture according to your product strategy.


Give the user the most relevant info about the GORE® WEAR brand and communicate the USP:
  • what is the brand all about?
  • why should I buy this brand?
  • what´s in for me? Ho to GORE® WEAR products differenciate?

Product Display

This is the more e-commerce and conversion-driven part of the brand-shop which should ultimately drive through to a purchase. Help the user making the right choice by narrowing down the product recommendations, e.g.
  • top sellers
  • new products
  • top rated products
  • sale
  • etc.


Use this space to create further access points to GORE® WEAR specific topics, e.g. educational entry points which ultimately lead the user to subsites and increase the familiarity (and therefore also the trust) with the brand and the products.

Outfit System Strategy

We design our product offering in a way so that they work from Head-to-Toe and Skin-to-Shell to offer optimal protection and comfort for specific weather conditions. We encourage you showing and selling the products in a system as well. This does also help to increase the average order value and supports the cross-selling aspect. Here are two examples for the next upcoming season.


Use the online brand shop to add some education around GORE® WEAR products. Tell people what´s so special about GORE® WEAR products, what makes them unique and puts them ahead.

Some ideas could be to talk about

a) Fabric Technologies (=GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® technology)
b) GORE® WEAR Outfit Strategy: Head-to-Toe and Skin-to-Shell layering protection
c) Sear Insert Technologies
d) Sizing Charts

We would recommend to use this as teasers and then put more insights behind the teasers on an separate individual landing page.