Product Detail Page

Convert! Now it is time to bring the consumer from consideration to purchase. Offer detailed information about the GORE® WEAR product as well it´s ingredient technology (which could be GORE-TEX®, WINDSTOPPER or GORE® SELECTED) inside your product which convinces them to buy the product. Add trust-building elements to the page as well as assets that help the user ultimately making the decision for the product.

Please note: this mockup is not a recommendation in terms of how the grid of your PDP should look like. It´s purpose is more to showcase elements that will help you in better selling GORE® WEAR products.


Adapt your search logic so that consumers can easily find GORE® WEAR products, even if they misspell the brand names or are looking for generic items such as cycling clothing, MTB apparel, etc.


By including GORE® WEAR products in your navigation tree, you increase consumer awareness of your range of GORE® WEAR products and help them to find the right products. The navigation feature can be used in combination with a product filter for individual technologies within each gear-type. We recommend you also to include GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® technology as a filter.

GORE® WEAR Brand Logo

Display the brand logo on the PDP as a trust building element.
Download logos

Product Photos & Alternate Views

We provide you with high-quality photos (rgb-files) for screen publishing of all our products in 2000 x 2000 pixel.
Download collection images and awards

Vignette Level 1

The vignette helps consumers to quickly identify the high-tech functionality of the GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® brand inside your products. The vignette level 1 combines the ingredient brand logo and the “engineered with” sentence in short or longer form, which can be positioned right, left or on top of the logo.
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Shop By Brand

Make sure you have the GORE® WEAR brand logo included into your shopping navigation or your “shop by brand” filter.

Layering Graphs

Use a layer graphic as a product picture to explain the GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® product technology. You can select a different layer graphic for each GORE-TEX® product class or simply choose a more generic graphic of the GORE-TEX® / WINDSTOPPER® membrane.

Product Name

We recomend to including the word GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® in the name of the product. Consumers can immediately recognize that the technology is inside the product and don’t need to open each individual product detail page to find this information.


We provide you with technical features to each of our products. Those featues can be used directly as part of a product detail page. At the same time you can see those as valuable information to create your own product copy.

Recommendation Zone: Cross-Selling

We engineer Outfit Systems (Head-to-Toe and Skin-To-Shell) for different end uses and weather conditions. Use the different products of an Outfit System to merchandise them with your product. Not only will you recommend the products that fit together in the best way, but also will this zone help to increase your average order values and cross-sell.

Outfit System

This revolutionary development in material science eliminated the face fabric from the membrane construction of the jacket, which prevents the chilling effect associated with the face fabric wetting out. The durable beading surface that forms the outer surface of the jacket allows the user to quickly flap the surface dry. In use, whether running or cycling, the jacket sheds water continuously, so that moisture doesn’t quickly build up on the surface.

Recommendation Zone: Up-Selling

Use this zone to recommend similar products of the same gear-type and for the same end use (e.g. MTB) in different price-levels. These products might be the next best alternative for your visitor and show, that we thoroughly desing Outfits for particular end-uses (e.g. MTB ambitious/ MTB Trail/ MTB Multi Day etc.)

Product Guidance Video

Research shows that video works for e-retailers. Consumers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy according to Internet Retailer. Additionally, numerous sources have documented significant conversion rate increases, which can be attributed to the fact that videos educate consumers with product information and specifications, engage the 60-70% of shoppers who learn visually or audibly, reduce cart abandons, and reinforce your brand through increased consumer loyalty and differentiation. Fewer returns and improved SEO are also clear benefits. We recommend you to produce your own product guidance videos to be in line with your Corporate Identity and Visual Storytelling.

Membrane Picture & Benefit

Integrate a graphic showing the GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® membrane to highlight the benefits (e.g. GORE-TEX®: durable waterproofness, windproofness and optimized breathability). We currently only have a static version, but animated ones will soon follow.
Download web elements

Windchill / Breathability Calculator

Offers the opportunity to explain the core benefits of WINDSTOPPER® Products in an interactive way to consumers. Simply copy the relevant source code into your web-site and the link is immediately effective.