Product Overview Page

Help Browsing! On this webpage consumers are searching for specific products. Mark them as clearly as GORE® WEAR products engineered with GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® technology and include the product class name: this will enable an easier browsing for consumers, avoid drop-outs and ultimately increase conversion.


Adapt your search logic so that consumers can easily find GORE® WEAR products, even if they misspell the brand names or are looking for generic items such as cycling clothing, MTB apparel, etc.


If the grid of your category pages allow, we do recommend to display the GORE® WEAR logo right next to the product. From an hierarchy standpoint we would recommend to display the brand logo on the upper left hand side and the ingredient logo on the lower right hand side.
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Brand & Product Name

Show the full name of the GORE® WEAR brand as well as the full product name. This will help consumers to easily find appropriate products.

Ingredient Brand Logo

With its characteristic form the logo attracts attention and is immediately recognized by consumers. Ideally, if your site structure allows, the logo size should be 65 x 65 pixels. The minimum size requirement is 45 x 45 pixels.
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By including GORE® WEAR products in your navigation tree, you increase consumer awareness of your range of GORE® WEAR products and help them to find the right products. The navigation feature can be used in combination with a product filter for individual technologies within each gear-type. We recommend you also to include GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® technology as a filter.