Create Awareness! Your homepage is the consumer starting point to explore your product offers. In order for you to create awareness for new product arrivals or joint campaigns with GORE® WEAR products check out our recommendation (see info-icons).



Adapt your search logic so that consumers can easily find GORE® WEAR products, even if they misspell the brand names or are looking for generic items such as cycling clothing, MTB apparel, etc.

Homepage Hero

This prominent area of your Homepage is to create awareness for the brand/products. It is usually to create excitement and emotions. Therefore we suggest you use this area to promote the top seasonal products of GORE® WEAR using
  • one of the suggested seasonal action images
  • the GORE® WEAR logo
  • the claim “alwaysevolve” and
  • a Call-To-Action link to the product
Gore does promote the top seasonal products also via advertising campaigns and PR activities to create awareness and a consumer pull.
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Specific Product

You could either direct the user to one specific product, a specific outfit system or (if available) to the GORE® WEAR online brand shop that lives within your site.

Product Display On Home

Show the new or top selling products on your HOME. This will help to increase conversion on GORE® WEAR products, push the sell-through and minimize inventory risk.

Ingredient Technology

Include the WINDSTOPPER® or GORE-TEX® technology into the product picture. This is a trust-building instrument since it stands for quality. We typically see higher CTRs and Conversions if the ingredient is being displayed
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Top Brands

We recommend you to include the GORE® WEAR logo into your brand partner-list on the home. The logo attracts attention. It underlines that you are working with the market-leader in bike performance apparel and therefore adds value to your site. Ideally it should be clickable and lead to a landing page with all GORE® WEAR products or to your GORE® WEAR online brand shop.
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Footer - Brand List

In the case you should have a list of brands in your footer, then please do not forget to also include the GORE® WEAR brand and link to the appropriate landing page.